Reduced Operational Costs

When you choose Bright LED Retrofit, not only are you saving the environment and creating a more productive working environment for employees, you’re also making things easier on your pocketbook. Through a series of monthly payments, easily overcome the upfront costs of your new or retrofit lighting and fixtures. By the time your monthly payments are complete, your new lighting will be paying for itself in energy savings.

Green & Sustainable

Let’s make the world brighter, and greener, together. LED light sources are extremely energy efficient and long-lasting. These energy savers can reduce energy consumption by 80% when compared to conventional light sources, and far outlast traditional solutions. Our retrofits use less electricity, last longer and emit more light than traditional light sources such as fluorescent or metal hallide. When has going green ever been so easy?

Safer Workspace

We take lighting for granted sometimes but the benefits of bright clean lighting range from safer working conditions to improved morale. The light emitted by LED lighting illuminates surroundings for your workers, allowing them to be aware of their environment. A happier, healthier workforce, emergency lighting in stairwells and exits, and increased productivity all help to build a safer workspace.

Improved Morale

Fluorescent lights at the office have you feeling tired, frustrated or just down? There’s no need for that! Good lighting leads to boosted productivity and happier teams. Show your employees how much you value them and their work by offering a brighter, more energetic, and gratifying working environment.

  • No Maintenance

  • Quicker Turn On

  • Accurate Colour

  • Consistency

  • Comfortable Light

  • Long Life

It Just Makes Sense!

Monthly Lease* Monthly Energy Savings Your Net Monthly Cost Only Pay Back Emissions Reduction**
(metric tons of CO2e)
Annual Energy Savings
Shopping Centre Parking Lot $1,579 $1,587 –$8
We’re saving you money!
3.1 years 109 $19,038
Mining Manufacturing Facility $1,825 $1,745 $80 2.8 years 120.3 $20,939
Non-Profit Office Facility $471 $557 –$86
We’re saving you money!
2.0 years 38.4 $6,680
* Based on 3 year lease
** Greenhouse gas emissions are calculated using EPA’s electricity reduction emissions factor (

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