Minimize Up Front Costs

We want the world to shine, to be a brighter place than when we first came – we know you want that too! That’s why we make it easy to overcome the upfront cost of our Bright installments. Making the world brighter—and greener—is easier than flipping a switch.

Your Bright LED Retrofit lease agreement details:

  • You own the installed fixtures at the end of the term
  • You may prepay the remaining payments in full at any time during your term

On your own terms

Through a series of monthly payments, easily overcome the upfront costs of your new or retrofit lighting and fixtures. By the time your monthly payments are complete, your new lighting will be paying for itself in energy savings.

The Bright promise:

  • We warranty all our materials and workmanship for the agreement term
  • We warranty the lighting fixtures for a period of five years
  • We are fully ensured for your peace of mind
  • The monthly payment will never change

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